New Brand.

New Appearance.


BECK is an umbrella brand with a strong technological brand portfolio

Brand Identity

  • Why the new brand identity? 

    We decided for a rebranding to ensure that our new brand identity is reflective of our recent journey and developments and that a clearer and more visible visual identity will enable us to better communicate our mission, products and services beyond the usual. With the efforts that have been taken, we want to create a consistent family of brands that share a common design language.

  • When will you be using the new brand identity? 

    The launch of our new brand identity starts with the change of all our stationery materials on September 16th, 2019. From this point, we will then update all our other collateral and promotional materials including packaging over the next several months. In the meantime, there will be an overlap as we transition from our old brand identity to our new one.

  • What is your new umbrella brand name?  

    Our umbrella brand name will change from BECK Fastener Group to BECK.

  • Why did you change the umbrella brand name?  

    We changed our umbrella brand name for a range of reasons, the main one being to better reflect the range of products we provide. BECK provides much more than just fasteners. We also offer pneumatic tools and new fastening solutions beyond the usual. Besides, we want to keep on improving the services we offer to our customers by becoming more efficient and providing seamless experiences, so it is easier for customers to do business with us. In general, we do things in different ways in our different businesses. Having a single brand identity, makes it easier for us to communicate who we are and what we do and so we work together as a business more effectively for you.

  • Can I still use the wordmark – BECK Fastener Group? 

    There is no plan to change the legal name of BECK – Raimund Beck KG Wire- Staples-Company. However, in all our marketing and promotional materials, websites, and media relations materials, we will be calling ourselves from now on only BECK. The wordmark BECK Fastener Group should no longer be used.

  • Has BECK changed any of its other brand names?  

    The product brand names will not change, but in few cases be shortened. Below you will find a quick overview of our product brands.

  • Are you losing your brand colors?  

    No, of course not. Blue and grey will remain our major brand colors. We will just shift slightly to lighter and fresher shades.

  • How should I reference the company?

    You will begin seeing the full roll-out of our new look. If you are producing materials referencing our name or logo, please use our new logos and branding. If you need anything or have any questions, please contact us at


The Umbrella Brand BECK

an umbrella brand with a strong technological brand portfolio

Beck Logos

Renaming BECK Fastener Group and FASCO America

  • Is BECK the same legal as BECK Fastener Group? How is the situation of the subsidiaries?

    Yes, BECK is the same legal entity as BECK Fastener Group. The company name will remain the same. It has only changed its umbrella brand name. This also applies to the subsidiaries.

  • Does the change to the new company brand name mean the company's corporate structure (legal form) has also changed?

    No. The legal forms of all BECK companies remain unchanged.

  • Have changes been made to the organizational structures of BECK?

    No. BECK is parent company to several subsidiaries around the world. The organizational structure remains unchanged.

  • Will international subsidiaries of BECK be renamed? If yes, which subsidiary and when?

    Yes, FASCO America has been renamed as BECK America. The new name of our master distributor BECK America – officially comes into effect September 16th, 2019. All other subsidiaries will remain unchanged.

  • What happened to FASCO America?

    FASCO America was renamed BECK America, to make communication clearer. BECK America represents the whole range of products and not just FASCO tools.

  • s BECK America the same legal as FASCO America?  

    Yes, BECK America is the same legal entity as FASCO America. It has only changed its firm name.

  • Has the ownership structure of BECK or BECK America changed?

    No, the ownership structure has remained unchanged.

  • Does the renaming mean the contact partners have changed?

    No, the contact partners have not changed. This is also the case for our subsidiary BECK America.

  • Does the renaming of FASCO America to BECK America have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

    No. All contracts concluded under the former company name of FASCO America will remain unchanged under the new name of BECK America. Our sales management will reach out to pertaining partners accordingly.

  • Are documents that were issued prior to the renaming still being accepted?

    Yes. We will continue to accept any documents that were issued prior to the renaming. There is no need to resend these to us with the new company name.

  • What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing/orders?

    From the date the new company name comes into effect, all invoices must be addressed to "BECK America", even if the order was placed under the name of "FASCO America". The legal form remains unchanged. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Does the new name mean new bank details? / Will the banks’ financial information change? 

    No, it will only be a simple name change. All other bank details remain unchanged.

  • Does the new name BECK America mean a new tax number or a new commercial register number? 

    No, neither the tax number nor the commercial register number have changed.

  • Is it necessary to set up BECK or BECK America as new suppliers?

    No, this is not necessary. Since our banking information won’t be changing, customers can just change in the name on our account in their systems. The customer relationship remains unchanged.

  • Do you need to update your existing NDA or PO? 

    No. BECK America is the same legal as FASCO America. We just changed the name of the company.


Product Branding

  • What happens to FASCO tools?  

    FASCO tools will gradually be rebranded with the new FASCO logo and brand colors during the transition period.


Trade Shows

  • Under which name is BECK America (former FASCO America) registered for trade shows? 

    From now on, we will be registering as BECK America only.

  • Under which name are BECK (former BECK Fastener Group) or BECK product brands (e.g. FASCO Tools) registered for trade shows in Europe? 

    We will continue to register with our company name Raimund Beck KG Wire- Staples Company. If possible, we will be adding our umbrella brand name BECK as well.

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Marketing und Kommunikation

Promotional Material

  • Will all your promotional materials change? 

    We will be updating all our promotional materials over a period of several months to reflect the new brand identity. In the interim, you will see an overlap between our old brand identity and design (e.g. brand names, logos, emotional tagline, colors) and our new one.

  • When is the marketing material in the new look available? How long will it take to complete the rebranding project? 

    We expect that the transition period will take place over a period of one year and will begin September 16th with the use of several marketing items in the new look.


Website and Email Address System

  • I noticed a new logo on BECK homepages – has there been a redesign?nbsp;

    BECK websites have been tweaked to reflect the new visual identity. A full redesign of the websites has not been made.

  • Will BECK be changing its web URL’s? What is your new website address?

    BECK will be changing some web URL’s. Our primary website is now at, which will provide access to all product brands and subsidiaries. The product brands and subsidiaries can also be directly accessed by using the following website domains:


    Once our tweaked websites go live, our former website addresses (www.beck-, will automatically redirect to the corresponding new sites.

  • Do the employees of BECK (HQ) and Beck America have new e-mail addresses? If so, what is the new address?

    Yes, the e-mail addresses of Beck Headquarter (Austria) employees have been transferred to a new system. They will look like this: A new e-mail system is also being used by employees in our subsidiary BECK America. Their address will look like All other email addresses remain the same.

  • Have you assigned new functional e-mail addresses? If so, what is the new address?

    Yes, the functional e-mail addresses for BECK have been migrated to a new system. They will look like this: or

  • Do the old e-mail addresses still work? If yes, for how long? 

    Yes, the old e-mail addresses work in parallel to the new addresses until further notice. The new e-mail addresses will automatically be used for outgoing e-mails. This applies to personal and functional e-mail addresses alike.


Possible Inquiries

  • What remains unchanged? 

    Unsere Mission und unser Versprechen an Sie: Wir denken Befestigungstechnik neu und entwickeln Technologien, um qualitativ bessere Verbindungen zu schaffen und völlig neuartige Anwendungen zu ermöglichen. Dabei setzen wir auf eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden und Partnern.

  • Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?

    There are two e-mail addresses that you can use to ask any other questions you might have about the rebranding. For branding questions that relate to BECK America For any other questions about the rebranding, please write to